Good Morning, an interview with Tara

Tara Miller and I met this summer in Muskoka. I’d heard about what she was doing with Health Hut – an innovative little cabin filled with a beautifully curated selection of natural products. I wanted everything in it. But I mostly just wanted to know her. We shared a lot in common including our lack of air conditioning on some of the hottest summer days (hello heat stroke!). But as we learned more about one another we learned that we really did speak the same language. Everything from a shared study in holistic nutrition, quitting caffeine, summers on the lake and we both ended up interviewing one another for our blogs. She is wonderful. Read about her take on a good morning.


In a few sentences, who are you (right now) and what do you do?

I am Tara, a holistic nutritionist and owner of Health Hut, an all-natural shop in Toronto + Muskoka.  I live in Toronto with my husband Tom and spend my summers between his family cottage and mine.  I am a Libra and love balance, so take my healthy eating with a side of (sweet potato) fries 😉


How do you start your day? Describe a typical morning in the life of Tara.

I like to work out first thing in the morning, before I have time to talk myself out of it!  In the city I do either a spinning or conditioning class and up north I like to do yoga or go for a run.  I sip a smoothie (right now its Sun Warrior rice protein, banana, strawberries + coconut milk) while I get ready and then head off to work.  Once in the shop I make myself a cup of Dandy Blend (a herbal coffee substitutive) and settle into emails and my to do’s.


What are you reading right now?

Insatiable by Gael Greene

Do you believe your mind and thoughts are clearer in the morning? If not when are they?

I definitely have clarity when I first wake up.  The answer to anything that I was indecisive or fussing about the day before usually becomes obvious after a good nights sleep.



When did you first become interested in nutrition? What made you pursue this as a career?

I always loved cooking and preparing healthy food for myself and my family.  When I was younger, I would love it when my mom would work late and I was in charge of dinner for everyone.  I think I choose this career to show people how much pleasure and joy can come from food, meals and eating together.  I believe there is way more to healthy eating than just the food we put on our plate.


What’s one morning ritual you will never compromise?

Hitting snooze and laying in bed just a litttttle longer than I should.

What’s your favourite thing about spending summers in Muskoka?

The quiet time after work. I love coming home to sit by the lake, cook a good meal, take a bath and read or watch a show before bed.  I love the fast pace of the city, but there is something so nice about escaping it for two full months.  I always return super fresh and rejuvenated.


Let’s talk food. What are you eating for breakfast?

Right now a smoothie or a hard-boiled eggs with toast.  Sometimes leftovers scrambled with eggs or plain yogurt with berries.

Coffee or tea?

Both!  But since caffeine does not make me feel that great, I am choosing Dandy Blend right now.  I mix it with hot water and a little milk.  It is definitely not coffee, but comes pretty close!


What excites you more, the present moment or the future?

The present!  I have always been a ‘live in the moment’ type.  Also, I really love my life right now as it is!

Describe mornings with one word.


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