Summertime, in Muskoka

Muskoka, I will always have a wistful affection for you. Feeling a mixed up nostalgia after leaving this new home. It was a summer summer up here, the kind that I feel I’m supposed to always have but rarely do. But I did. And I’m grateful for that. Going to miss the views that made me steer off the road and the starry night sky that was like having perma-telescope vision and the crickets that sung me to sleep every night (will especially miss them) and and and and. I could go on.

Among the highlights; a different farmer’s market every day of the week being one – I found myself quickly getting used to the quiet loud sounds of nature. I woke one morning to the calling of two mocking birds. I shot out of bed one night to a boom of thunder louder than any noise I’d heard before. But the moment that I can’t shake from my minds eye, is laying in a field alone at 2am watching the Perseid meteor shower. Watching lights race above my head. One meteor blew up into the atmosphere in a purple explosion that made me forget where I was, and for an instant I thought it was just perhaps a firework in the distance. I quickly disregarded the thought.

After a summer in the country, the city seems louder and noisier than I remember. It’s a welcomed shift in perspective. I’m quickly replacing the buzz of the crickets with the rumbling of the streetcar outside my bedroom. But it’s familiar. Exciting things await this Fall and for now this place feels like home, too.


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