fusing curiosity and education into a food experience that nourishes,
teaches and supports body, mind, consciousness and the planet

plant-based food

this is not about food labels or mass restriction. plant-based food is vegetable-forward. it is whole-food based. my focus is quality food grown locally, organic where possible. this is a way forward with roots in sustainability and ensuring purity of body and planet through food choices.

ethical wellness

female empowerment is central to the vision of the well woman. ethical wellness is rooted in providing education to women of all socio-economic statuses. a portion of our profits go towards our community outreach program that is currently being developed.

an elevated state

shifting our energetic, vibrational state through food, thought, breathing, meditation. my goal is to get you to this state. from here we can magnetically draw in abundance. from this place not only do we have the energy to take care of ourselves but also those around us.

Health Consultation

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Tonya works one on one with clients to address health concerns, goals and determine the root cause of health issues. She uses food, herbs, nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation to create lasting changes and to promote a new understanding of one’s body and mind.

Her practice joins eastern and western healing modalities from her varied studies and includes: nutrition, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, psychology, environmental studies, symptomatology, human anatomy and physiology, body metabolism, yoga, meditation.

Tonya works with clients over 4-12 week programs designed to ensure commitment and to see lasting results and changes. Sessions are offered in person or via Skype for international clients. Please email for price options and to book a free 15-minute meet and greet.

Private Chef

Creating customized food experiences, meals and menus for clients, Tonya can prepare food for a single client, couples, families or groups. Working with specific needs, she creates foods that are nutritious, plant-based and accommodating to dietary restrictions. Her food services include:

  • Private chef
  • Pop-up dinners
  • Events
  • Recipe design + development
  • Cooking classes
  • Workshops
  • Menu consultation

Workshops + Corporate Consulting

Tonya leads a variety of education-based workshops and talks centred around food, nutrition, mindfulness and wellness. She customizes and presents wellness and nutrition workshops on a variety of topics, which have included:

  • using food as medicine
  • optimized living through diet and lifestlye
  • managing stress
  • plant-based eating

Omg Tonya! This cheese! I wanted to love it, because I think what you're doing is really awesome but I wasn't sure I would since I do really love dairy cheese (I am French after all) and have never quite found a decent alternative. But this was so delicious. I really mean that, I'm so happy to have found it, thank you!

Morgane Le PouésardM.A., Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University

I’ve struggled my entire life with chronic eczema and had never found the solution to really keep it under control. The flares not only caused discomfort, but infiltrated into very low mood swings and a deep sense of insecurity. Just when I was about to give up finding an answer, I reached out to Tonya to see if we could work together and my entire world has changed. Through her patience and extensive food knowledge, I’ve finally found a solution to keep my skin in a happy and nourished place. She has given me the tools to approach my dietary, lifestyle habits to a place where my skin is being healed from the inside and out. I can’t say enough about this incredible lady, she has truly changed my life.

Health Coaching ClientDesigner, San Francisco

Following the protocol that Tonya designed for me facilitated my transition from needing naps when I came home from work, to an energy level so Gucci that I can now go directly to the gym. I thought it would be harder than it has been to abandon old habits, but good digestion > pizza. Being a WellWoman disciple is a privilege that I do not take lightly. I’m so lucky to have stumbled upon Tonya as a magical guide through my journey to well being. I call her my poop fairy and I'm overjoyed to be blessed with the poop magic.

Health Coaching ClientTeacher and PhD Candidate, Toronto

Tonya, I can't thank you enough for putting me on a new path. After the month of your protocol I feel like 100 pounds have been lifted - physically + emotionally. I made a conscious choice not to weigh myself before or throughout, as I wanted to focus on how things made me feel, and I feel amazing. It has been a huge learning experience to better connect with my body and what it actually needs vs. what my mind craves. As I move forward, I want to be more thoughtful with every decision. Ie. How does this serve me? So THANK YOU for sparking such a huge change from within. Also, I look really really good. My skin is stunning and my stomach bloat is drastically reduced.

Health Coaching ClientCEO and Founder, Toronto

I hired Tonya to cook for us because a family member was sick and had to totally change his diet. She came into our home in a time of crisis and from the moment she walked in she used her talents to make us all feel better. Her food was delicious, beautiful and so clean. I knew that food could bring people together. Until I met Tonya I didn't truly appreciate how it could heal.

Harriet & ClaytonJudge & Lawyer

Tonya is such a treasure in our city. Her aesthetic, her gentle and professional demeanour and her authentic and deep passion for all things health and wellness bring such value, depth and creativity to any project. She has worked with me on both personal and professional levels (photography, food styling, event planning, catering) and each time we wrap up I am left with a polished and gorgeous product and a profoundly positive experience.

Kate Taylor MartinOwner, Nutbar Cafe

I had the pleasure of working with Tonya on my yoga retreat. She, single handed, cooked, organized and served 14 people 3 meals a day for 3 days. She made it look effortless, easy and executed the day with such grace, a true professional. I was honored to have her as the chef at my retreat, it is rare for me to come across people who can take my vision, make it even better and then far surpass my expectations. Tonya created a culinary experience I didn't even think possible. She is a force to be reckoned with and her food is absolutely incredible.

Rachelle WintzenOwner, Chi Junky Studio