A Yoni Healing Yogurt for Women

November 14, 2016

time 10 minutes

serving-1Serves 1


vegetarianRoot chakra nourishing


  • 1 cup raw unpasteurized goat yogurt
  • pomegranate seeds, handful
  • 1/2 persimmon, sliced
  • red walnuts, handful
  • oats or granola (optional)
  • raw, local honey, to taste
  • pinch of himalayan sea salt


1. Prepare fruits, slice and remove seeds from pomegranate (store the extra seeds in the fridge), slice persimmon
2. Place 1 cup (or desired amount) of yogurt in your bowl
3. Top with pomegrante seeds, persimmon, walnuts and oats/granola
4. Drizzle some local honey and add a pinch of sea salt to taste


It is on rare occasion that I will ever endorse the consumption of dairy. My personal beliefs and reasons for this are based on both my understanding of how dairy interacts in the body, my own intolerability to lactose and most importantly my understanding of the big business that is the dairy industry: the way the animals are treated, what they are fed, the antibiotics, steroids and hormones they are given and my absolute rejection to partake or recommend that any person consume or support this notion of “food.”

I am posting this recipe because I managed to get my hands on raw, unpasteurized goats yogurt from a friend’s farm in California. I had a yeast infection and was looking for good quality organic yogurt to douche with. My friend picked this up from me. I consumed it and douched with it and the yeast infection went away (along with a few other things that helped). Not to mention, the goat’s yogurt was extremely easy to digest and I had no problems with lactose intolerance symptoms. Which is no surprise since these are some of the benefits of consuming raw and unpasteurized yogurt. Plus it was absolutely delicious.

You can read more about how to heal your yeast infection naturally here

I included pomegranates in this recipe because apart from being in season, traditionally the pomegranate has been renowned for being one of the most powerful elixirs for women’s health, hormonal balance, beauty, fertility and breast health. The pomegranate is closely linked to the first, root chakra – which was exactly where I was in need of healing. This very feminine fruit was the perfect addition to the dish.


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