Good Morning, an interview with Nitasha

Meet Nitasha Goel. The forward-thinking mind behind The Cure Apothecary on Queen Street West in Toronto. Her mandate: all natural everything, everywhere. Something I can get behind. Her shop is filled with a meaningful selection of natural products for both guys and gals, ranging from mascara and deodorant to moustache wax and perfume oils that smell of Big Sur (which I didn’t even need to try on to love). Many of the products in her shop are from local makers in Toronto and Vancouver. She’s supporting two giant causes: the small-batch-local-makers and all-natural-ingredients-that-you-understand products.

I hung out with Nitasha on a Saturday morning and we shared our personal stories about the switch to natural care products and make-up, which can be daunting at first. I get it. It takes trial and error and is a big adjustment because it requires us to change our thinking and ultimately requires a change in consumer behaviour.

Natural skincare and makeup are by no means mainstream yet and it’s challenging to get people to try these products until the change comes from inside of them, until they decide they want to make the switch. But what we can do is educate. And that’s what Nitasha is doing. Once you know the ingredients inside your commercial face soaps, lipsticks and perfumes you’ll start to scratch your head. Fish scales? Dynamite? Beetles? Endocrine disruptors and parabens and carcinogenic dyes? Ew!

More on this another day, but for now read Nitasha’s interview below. Her take on a good morning and how what you put in is what you get out. Oh, and lookout for a line Nitasha’s developed herself, Dahlia & Sons, which she stocks at The Cure – the Body Whip is a real dream.


Describe who you are (right now).

I am the happiest I have been with every part of my life. If something does take me off track I have incredible people in my life to guide me. These people are what make me so happy.

What are your morning rituals? What’s the first thing you do when you rise?

I’m not the best sleeper, and not a morning person, so I like to take a moment and reflect on my day. Then straight to the shower to fully wakeup!

How do you actively practice tuning in and listening to what your body is telling you?

I am a true believer in listening to your body, if I’m tried I slow down and relax. A bath is the best way to clear my mind and let my body decompress. There is always tomorrow to pickup where you left off.


Tell us about your views on natural living. When did you become interested in using clean products?

I look at natural living as a whole. What am I doing to better myself inside and out, how I am I helping the environment. My moment of clarity was when I stepped back and looked at the products I was using and not being able to understand what the ingredients were. Knowing that I was eating healthier but not using clean ingredients on my skin was a bit backwards to me.


What advice would you give someone who is considering switching to natural products?

Try it you won’t be disappointed! Start slow, a natural cleanser and moisturizer is a great start. These two products will change the way you look at yourself every morning. Most of us are looking for hydration so don’t be scared of a serum. Serums are made up of many different oils that our skin loves to drink up.


What does a typical breakfast look like for you?

I love a good smoothie. I’m still trying to master the perfect smoothie though..

Coffee or tea?

Coffee! I generally sip on one through the day. Although I am thinking about switching over to tea.


What is your favourite self-care practice?

Washing my face at night! I find it very relaxing and refreshing after a busy day.

What’s one product in your shop that you can’t live without?

One Love Organic Skin Savior Balm. Its a multi-tasking balm that you can use head-to-toe.


Describe mornings with one word.



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