Healthy and Nutritious Tips, Tricks, Hacks for staying Healthy while you travel.

This has been a long time coming, years in the works and many of you have requested this info and so finally here it is! I pack a small and mighty army of health supplies with me when I travel (near or far) and I want you to consider traveling with some of the same armour!

Travelling is the best and what’s better is when you finally get to your destination. The travel part of travel can be fun too but is often dehydrating, hard on the body, tiring, tests your immune system, shifts your biological time zone, there’s usually a lack of sleep, radiation, lots of EMF exposure, you have the plane engine in one ear and a screaming baby in the other and don’t even get me started on plane and airport food options! All this to say is that, travelling can be quite stressful and unnatural for the body.

So naturally, I go to the airport prepared! I pack meals and snacks which means I can avoid airport food and know all the ingredients and love that went into it.

Travel-Friendly Foods:

  • Nothing too complicated. Think: fresh vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, sprouts
  • Fruit salad
  • Chia seed pudding – I like to eat this before leaving for the airport because it’s super hydrating (chia seeds absorb thirty times their weight in water, they help regulate body fluid levels and retain electrolytes, both key in preventing dehydration!)
  • Homemade hummus – I love this beet hummus
  • Salad with lots of veggies or a quinoa salad
  • Seed Crackers: I usually do a combo of pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and chia with herbs and spices – I’ll post a recipe for that soon!
  • Homemade trail mix with dark chocolate
  • Granola – this is great for travel because you can eat it as a snack and it can double for a healthy breakfast
  • Sea Salt – I always bring my own high quality sea salt with me while I travel. Is a great remedy for headaches while travelling, being on a plane and re-mineralizing. Throw a pinch in your water bottle or directly in your mouth.

Travel Hacks

  • Eat before you leave for the airport, but don’t eat too much or too heavy, I suggest a smoothie or salad. Your digestion may be slowed while you’re in transit. I find eating light when I travel is best especially if I’m changing time zones
  • Meditate on take off and landing – this is extremely beneficial especially if you are a stressed out flyer
  • Stretch/Walk/Get Blood Flowing – TBH I usually do squats in the bathroom! (I’ve never told anyone that but I do! And it’s not because I’m working on my glutes haha it’s to promote flow through my body and to get my heart rate up) I also stretch my hip flexors in my chair, and their are a range of seated exercises you can do to promote blood flow through the body
  • Drink water! Drink more water than you want to! You’ve heard it so many times I’m sure, but it’s really simple. Airplane pressure, the dry air, we become much more dehydrated in an airplane so hold off on the coffee and wine until you reach your destination!
  • Sound cancelling headphones: these have really changed my airplane experience! I got these Bose headphones for Christmas, I didn’t even know I wanted them but now that I have them I’m obsessed. The sound cancelling makes SUCH a difference on flights. The loud in flight experience is quite unnatural for the ears and body and so they help protect your ears. If you’re cautious of bluetooth exposure like me, they have a cord connector so you don’t have to use bluetooth.
  • EMF protection – Planes are tin-magnets for EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) to surge through so I recommend keeping yourself protected as best you can. I always wear EMF remediators on me at all times whether I’m travelling or not:
    • Body: Eradicator necklace (to protect my body from EMF’s in my surroundings)
    • Body: I wear Tektite stone in my bra every day. I sleep with it too. I have various reasons for this but it’s an important stone for travelling because it can protect the body from being encoded by scanners at the airport, on the 407 — when you start to understand the human bio field of energy, all of this has an impact on our cell resonance.
    • Phone: EMR Absorption Plate copper coil
    • Molecular hydrogen: to protect you internally from EMFs
  • Compression socks – these are great for blood flow through the legs while in flight, great for anyone with fluid retention issues
  • I travel with a little deep heat Infrared Heating Pad called the Earth Wrappe Mini – which helps with reducing tension and stress, relieves muscle and joint pain, promotes detoxification, improves blood circulation, enhances the immune system and is extremely comforting during my moon cycle.
  • Biomats – these are also incredible for grounding, healing and offer infrared therapy that soothe, destress and help with pain. They are an FDA approved medical device.

Sustainable Travel

  • Cutlery kit, so that you can be fully prepared in any situation and won’t ever need to use plastic straws, utensils
  • Water bottle – keep it empty until you’re on the plane, then befriend a stewardess and she/he may fill it up so that you can avoid using the plastic plane cups for water
  • Keep Cup or Yetti to avoid coffee cups – I carabiner the handle onto my backpack
  • Tin canister to carry my food in – this is also perfect to avoid take-away containers
  • Reusable totes for farmers markets, grocery or any other shopping if you’re going to be cooking yourself

Herbs and Supplements

  • I always travel with my medicinal mushrooms, obviously! I do this for the immune and energy boost since I’m incredibly sensitive to new environments. Mushrooms are also part of my daily routine and I like to keep this consistent. I like to maintain these daily rituals no matter where I go.
  • Beekeepers Propolis Spray – I’ll give myself a few sprays on the flight for immune protection and it’s delicious
  • Olive Leaf extract – again, travelling is the easiest time to get sick so I take all the protection I can
  • Probiotics: I travel with shelf-stable probiotics from Physica. These are a must
  • Black Walnut: having just got home from Mexico, my herbalist suggested I take Black Walnut capsules for a week prior to leaving, during my visit and for a week after — 3 weeks total. It’s super easy to pick up bugs (parasites and bacteria) when travelling but is especially recommended to anyone travelling to Mexico.
  • Activated Charcoal – in case I eat something shifty that I want to get out of my system
  • Chlorophyll – I found this extremely useful while in Peru and barely felt any altitude sickness at all and this is also a wonderful way to keep your pH in check while travelling

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