Good Morning, an interview with Brooke

Meet Brooke Morgan. She and I have been friends for a few years now. She is magnetic and her charisma and smile infectious. She has one of those voices that you cannot help but listen to and a laugh that comes from the depths of her inside. It too is contagious. Needless to say, she is someone you want to be around. We worked together a few years ago and have remained good friends ever since. We saw each other (like really saw) in a profound way at a retreat this March at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. We cried and laughed together for five days straight so inevitably there is a special connection we share.

Brooke is mega-talented in many ways. Be it acting, theatre, production, writing, but especially in her ability to make you laugh. She is strong-willed, calls it like it is and isn’t afraid to get too close. She has a balance of depth that you feel in conversation but also a lightness that you see when she smiles. She is someone who takes care of her body and mind. Read her interview for Good Mornings, her take on morning rituals, food and lifestyle.


In a few sentences, who are you (right now) and what do you do?

In this present moment I am happy and reflective. I am also taking a break from writing a script which is also part of who I am. Actor, writer, director, producer…artist…perhaps also a comedian to this mix.


Describe a typical morning in the life of Brooke.

I wake up and I stretch…then I try and remind myself to think about my longing and what my intention for the day is in alignment with that longing. This was an exercise a good friend told me to do and it has helped me tremendously with shifting my awareness to being more in touch with my feelings and desires. Sometimes my longing is for a coffee. It’s true! But I try and spend a few minutes before moving to be quiet and feel where I’m at. I love drinking a huge glass of lemon water first thing and then doing something physical whether it be a yoga class or going to my gym.


What are you reading right now?

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed and We KIlled: The Rise of Women in American Comedy by Yael Kohen.


Do you believe your mind and thoughts are clearer in the morning? If not when are they?

Mornings are usually my best time. I dream every night and if I don’t move to quickly I can remember what they were about. I also find that lying in Shavasana after yoga can bring a tremendous amount of clarity. Nighttime can be good too. I find that anytime where there is space and quiet is a good time. This can be in my car, walking, or in bed. Bed conversations can be the most profound.



How did you first get into theatre and acting?

I started acting when I was probably 5. I played a Candy Cane in the Nutcracker at my public school. Shortly after I commissioned my cousin to start filming projects with me in my parents basement where we would create characters and shoot the ‘news’ and improv commercials that we had seen on TV. I ended up calling an agency at 10 asking for a meeting. My parents found out when I said I needed to be taken out of school for said meeting to occur. I’ve been working ever since.


What’s one morning ritual you will never compromise?



Can you speak to your interest in Radical Aliveness Core Energetics? What exactly is it and why do you do it?

Radical Aliveness is a body based movement therapy style that can be done in groups as well as one on one. It is energy focused and encourages self transformation and healing. I do it because I want to be active in my growth and continue to release all the ways I hold myself back so I am able to live fully and express myself with freedom and clarity. I also want to connect with people on a deeper level and the practice of group allows me to see people and their behavior with greater awareness.

Let’s talk food. What are you eating for breakfast? 

Lately i’ve been eating a banana and a mocha vega shake because i’ve been up early and at the gym but on the weekends my roommates are quite incredible brunch chefs and we have different things like oatmeal pancakes with berry compote and coconut cream or tofu scramble with sautéed greens and black bean sausages… I really love breakfast.


Coffee or tea? 


Do you have a favorite local cafe that you frequent?

I’m really diggin’ Bar Buca’s Italian coffee right now. It’s so smooth and full of flavour.


If you could be known for effecting positive change in the world, what would it be?

Providing a space for people to feel all of themselves and be seen in their beautiful vulnerability. This is where I love theatre because it can be so transformative for people who struggle to confront difficult feelings. It allows a sort of separation even though at times it can feel as though this separation doesn’t exist. i’ve been able to see some profound theatre work where the artists were able to risk it all and give so much honesty to their work that it’s ripple effect into the audience was unavoidable. I would like to do that in my work and in my life.

What excites you more, the present moment or the future? While we’re on the topic, what’s one thing you’re excited about right now?

The present moment because I can feel it. To me the future feels like when you put your hand behind your back and try to see it…not possible. I am excited to have dinner this evening with my whole family for my Mom’s birthday. It feels really lovely to sit and share food with people you love. I love dinner conversation over food.


If you weren’t acting/writing/producing, what would you be doing?

More humanitarian work. I would invest more time traveling and being in different cultures. <—– Both of these things are part of my life intentions.

Describe mornings with one word.



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